Island Hopping in Okinawa

Naha - Kohamajima – Iriomotejima Island – Taketomijima Island- Tokyo

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Experience the exotic and subtropical region of Japan as you immerse yourself in 6 days of island hopping in the archipelago of the Yae-yama Islands, located 450 kilometers southwest of Okinawa Main Island. These Islands offer a fantastic getaway for those wishing to escape from the busy bustling life Japan’s urban centers. You will discover beautiful beaches, snorkeling, diving and an abundance of other activities, as well as true relaxation.

Your journey begins in Naha on Okinawa Island where you will visit Shurijo Castle. Built in the 1300’s this castle was the residence of the Ryukyu kings for several centuries and is one of the most culturally significant sites on the islands. Shurijo Castle is now classified as a UNESCO World Heritage designated Castles of the Ryukyu sites.

The second day starts with a high-speed boat transfer to Kohamajima Island, a serene and beautiful locale that provides you with an abundance of adventures to take part in. From golfing, wind-surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, beaches, and more; there is no doubt that you will find an activity to indulge in while surrounded by beautiful vistas.

From Kohamajima your third day has you heading to Iriomotejima Island, Okinawa’s second largest island which is 90 percent covered with subtropical virgin forests. Here you can experience thrilling guided jungle adventures such as canoeing, hiking, or night tours. You can snorkel to a nearby inhabited island or lose yourself in the quiet tranquil beauty of the island as you take a sunset tour, take in the stars, or buffalo ride to Yufu Island. This island has so much to offer that you will be glad to have a second day in Iriomotejima so you need not worry about missing a thing.

Your fifth day has you arriving on Taketomijima Island. This island offers a view of Okinawa in the olden times and truly has it all for you to enjoy: take a 6 mile bike tour around the perimeter of the island, enjoy an authentic buffalo wagon tour of the village, a speed boat tour, learn folk arts & crafts from the local masters, or head to Kaiji Beach and hunt for the famous star-shaped grains of sand! The morning begins with an optional stretch and breathing exercise at Aiyaru beach followed by a water buffalo wagon tour. You are then taken by boat to Ishigaki Airport to catch your flight to Tokyo where you trade the peaceful beauty of the subtropics for the vibrant sites and cultural experience of one of the worlds’ most fascinating cities!

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