Our Large Family Trip Through Japan

The trip to Japan you arranged was even more enjoyable and memorable than we had hoped.  You did an absolutely marvelous job putting every detail in place and ensuring everything was executed like a precision time piece.  Considering the 18 members of our family ranged from age 20 to 83 and included healthy, adventurous members as well as one with a prothetic leg in a wheelchair, we couldn’t have found a more understanding and inventive agent to take care of us all.

We are a tight knit family that gets together almost every holiday throughout the year.  And every time we do, someone will bring up the “Japan Trip” and talk about the sites we saw, the adventures we had, the wonderful dinners and the tours.  All of which you made possible. We came back home very tired but very happy.

We thank you from the bottom of our contented hearts.

Betty K and Roger G and 16 other family members , Sacramento, CA
(Yamaguchi – Kyoto – Tokyo)