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Beniya Mukayu



  • Late Check-out : 12:00 check-out (usually at 11:00)
  • Room Upgrades : Room Upgrades, subject to availability, on your arrival
  • Spa “Entei” Treatments : If you receive a treatment selected from our course menu, we will offer you an extra phyto-head massage (15min.) or a Thalasso Mask (15min.)
  • Rate includes breakfast and dinner

Beniya Mukayu

Created in 1929, in the hot spring resort Kaga, Beniya Mukayu is located on the way from Kyoto to the world heritage site Shirakawago, close to Kanazawa which has rich culture and history. Their region has all three of the great charms of Japan: Culture, Onsen (Hot Spring) and Epicurean Food. So to visit here is to experience The Real Japan. Beniya Mukayu is a Japanese style inn called a Ryokan. While Beniya Mukayu preserves Japanese traditional values and aesthetics, it has reached into a more contemporary style influenced by the concept of Zen.

Beniya Mukayu only has seventeen rooms to maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Every room has a view of the natural setting of an authentic Japanese garden and is equipped with its own private open-air Onsen. You can soak in the Onsen any time you like and for as long as you want. Of historical interest, hundreds of years ago there used to be a great Buddhist temple where Mukayu is located now. In those days, priests healed people using Onsen and medicinal herbs. Inspired by this long history, they conceived the Yakushiyama treatment, using Onsen and various medicinal herbs, as an homage to those times. They highly recommend this massage to their guests.

Moreover Kaga Style Kaiseki Cuisine is among the most highly respected in all of Japan. Their chef selects only the freshest and most sought after ingredients. The highest-quality food makes Mukayu increasingly attractive. or 778-945-1283 or 1-877-412-1887
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