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Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima



I have a arranged for my clients to receive the VIP treatment when they book their stay at the Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima through me.

A magnet for nature lovers, Sankara Hotel & Spa Yakushima is a secluded retreat set between mountains, cedar forests and the sea. An idyllic spot perfectly placed for exploring this unique island or for simply relaxing, Sankara has a wonderfully indulgent spa, a superb French restaurant with an open kitchen, an extensive library and a varied selection of stylish suites and villas.

Relax on a sun bed by the pool and capture the essence of Sankara Hotel & Spa. The glorious granite mountains in the background, the uninterrupted sea views and the sounds of wildlife in the surrounding forest and orchards are constant reminders that this is a magical place. The suites and villas are havens of style with high ceilings and the use of dark cedar wood. For the ultimate relaxation, visit the spa for a Thai-style herbal heat treatment.

Discover the island’s rugged wilderness. Hike through the UNESCO listed mountainous forests or take the walking trail to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine and see the Sasuga Otoshi waterfall, ancient cedar trees and the islands unique species of deer and monkeys. Take a day trek to witness the famous Jomon Sugi, a cedar tree that is thought to be up to 7,000 years old. Once back at Sankara Hotel & Spa, end the day savouring the delights of French cuisine in the restaurant, Okas.

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